The weight loss drug Duromine may contain 15 mg, 30 mg or 40 mg of the active ingredient Phentermine. Extremely overweight patients should take Duromine 40 mg. Every two days, you should carefully evaluate the need for maximal doses of the anorectic.

The mechanism of Duromine action is appetite suppression. Irregular intake of the drug hinders the treatment of obesity.

Your body will not receive the drug concentration that is required to achieve the anorectic effect and weight loss. Therefore, extremely overweight patients should take 40 mg Duromine not every second day, but on a regular basis instead.

The reasons why patients may take 40 mg Duromine every second day:

  • Poor drug tolerability
  • Recurring side effects
  • Poor patient’s adherence to the treatment of obesity
  • Simultaneous use of other drugs

When using 40 mg Duromine every second day, your weight will continue to decrease, but not as intense as it would, if you were using this anorectic regularly. If you are ready for a slow weight loss, you can take 40 mg Duromine every second day.

During the treatment with this anorectic, you may have side effects or intolerability to the drug action.

It is recommended to take 40 mg Duromine every second day, whenever you start feeling unwell.

  • The use of the drug may be accompanied by difficulty concentrating or driving a vehicle. If your work requires high concentration, start taking 40 mg Duromine every second day.

Duromine can cause side effects after any dose. 40 mg is the maximum tolerated dose of the anorectic.

It is most effective for weight reduction, yet the undesirable reactions of Duromine 40 mg are more often than at lower doses.

  • Regular use of the maximum dose of the anorectic is prescribed only by a specific doctor’s recommendation.

The course of anti-obesity treatment with 40 mg Duromine should not exceed three months.

Using 40 mg Duromine every other day does not mean that you have the possibility to extend the duration of its use.

This anorectic does have negative drug interactions.

Therefore, the use of 40 mg Duromine every other day may be required for patients with co-morbidities. Combined use of the anorectic with other drugs increases the risk of side effects.