Only carefully selected high-quality ingredients are used in the production of 40 mg Duromine modified-release capsules. Due to the auxiliary components, this anorectics has the high efficiency and long-term therapeutic effect.

An important ingredient of Duromine 40 mg is Phentermine, coupled with ion exchange resins.

It has high stability and dissolves in the digestive tract solely under the influence of active gastric acid enzymes, such as:

  • Pepsin
  • Gastricsin
  • Chymosin
  • Hydrochloric acid

Thus, the ion exchange resin helps reduce the rate of absorption of Duromine 40 mg active ingredient in the gastrointestinal tract to 14 hours.

Modified release of the drug for the treatment of obesity contributes to:

  • Reduced frequency of Duromine 40 mg administration during a day,
  • The creation of an optimal therapeutic level of the anorectic in the blood plasma,
  • Uniform maintenance of the maximum drug concentration at least 10 hours,
  • Reduction of the dose of the active ingredient Phentermine in a capsule, and maintenance of its clinical efficacy.

No less important are binding ingredients of Duromine 40 mg, such as gelatin, magnesium stearate and liquid paraffin.

They do not have any significant clinical effect, but help give these slimming capsules various unique properties that provide:

  • Metering accuracy,
  • Mechanical strength,
  • Storage stability.

These inactive ingredients of Duromine 40 mg contribute to the scheduling of the rate and the place of release of the active substance Phentermine.

They also help significantly improve the anorectic effects of this unique drug for anti-obesity treatment.

One of the auxiliary ingredients of Duromine 40 mg is lactose. Therefore, patients with congenital or acquired intolerance to this disaccharide are not recommended to take this anorectic.

Corrective ingredients of Duromine 40 mg are erythrosine, alimentary titanium dioxide, yellow dye “sunset”. These auxiliary substances are used for dying oral capsules for weight loss in a gray-orange color, and for labelling “Duromine 40” on their surface.