What is Duromine 40 mg?

Duromine 40 mg is a drug for weight loss, each capsule which contains the maximum dose of the active substance Phentermine. Duromine is an anorectic, which promotes weight loss by suppressing appetite.

How long can I take Duromine 40 mg?

You can take Duromine 40 mg as long as your doctor considers it necessary that you take this anorectic. Still you should note that you are not allowed to use this drug longer than three months.

Who can take Duromine 40 mg?

This anorectic medication is recommended at a maximum dose only for extremely obese patients. Duromine 40 mg can only be prescribed by a physician after a full medical examination and a careful evaluation of “risk-benefit” ratio.

Who should not take Duromine 40 mg?

Duromine 40 mg is contraindicated in patients with severe cardiovascular diseases, hypersensitivity to the active ingredient, and in patients with alcohol dependence.
Plus, Duromine 40 mg is prohibited in children aged less than 12 years and seniors over 65 years of age.

Who is not recommended to take Duromine 40 mg?

Pregnant women and nursing mothersPeople whose work is related to the high concentrationPatients with epilepsy, hypertension and diabetes

In all these categories of patients, side effects of Duromine 40 mg are most likely to manifest.

What are the advantages of Duromine dose of 40 mg?

The dose of Duromine 40 mg is the most effective for losing weight. Regular intake of the maximum dose of this anorectic will help lose weight even to extremely overweight people.

What are the disadvantages of Duromine dose of 40 mg?

Despite the fact that Duromine dose of 40 mg is most effective for weight loss, it has significant shortcomings. The risk of Duromine side effects is higher in 40 mg, than in lower doses of this anorectic – 15 mg or 30 mg.

What should I do, if the dose of Duromine 40 mg is ineffective?

If you don’t achieve a sufficient anorectic effect after you take Duromine 40 mg, perhaps, you should switch to another drug.

How to improve the efficiency of Duromine 40 mg?

To improve the efficacy of this anorectic drug, your weight loss program, besides Duromine 40 mg, should include increased physical activity and a proper weight loss diet plan. In no event should you take this anorectic with other weight loss drugs or any nervous system stimulants.