Choice of an effective drug for weight loss is a serious problem both for doctors and for their patients. The difficulty of a drug choice is that the pharmaceutical market is constantly expanding, so dozens of new diet pills annually go on sale.

New prescription drugs for weight loss are supplied for sale less frequently than OTC medicines.

Therefore, when choosing a method of treatment, doctors usually compare advantages and disadvantages of well-researched prescription drugs and their OTC analogs.

  • Duromine is sold at pharmacies for more than 50 years.

Therefore, benefits of this prescription anorectic are well-studied and disadvantages are well-known.

The main advantage of Duromine lies in its ability to suppress appetite quickly and for long.

The main disadvantage of Duromine lies in its side effects that can create serious risks for cardiovascular health

Every year, Duromine helps the vast number of people to control appetite and to achieve a sustainable weight loss. For this group of obese patients, Duromine is both effective and safe appetite suppressant.

However, there is another numerous group of patients, which cannot take advantage of Duromine pills because of contraindications, individual intolerance, adverse reactions or tolerance to their effects.

If use of Duromine is impossible for one reason or another, but another prescription anorectics are not sold at pharmacies, the physician can suggest the patient to use over-the-counter (OTC) appetite suppressants to control appetite.

In different countries, a list of popular OTC diet pills includes various weight loss products. Herewith, many natural medicines that are sold under various trademarks contain the same active ingredients.

In Canada, appetite suppressants based on dietary fibers of psyllium Metamucil are very popular. Just as Duromine, dietary fibers reduce appetite. However, anorectic effect of dietary fibers is very weak and incomparable with an incredibly powerful effect of Duromine.

Despite the weak anorectic effect, appetite suppressants based on Metamucil soluble fibers are in demand among obese patients.

The reason for their popularity is that in their daily use, it is possible not only to control appetite better, but also to:

Improve digestionReduce cholesterol level in the blood
  • For appetite control, OTC medicines containing Metamucil should be taken just before eating.

The largest global supplier of Metamucil-containing weight loss products is Procter & Gamble.

This company sells appetite suppressants based on Metamucil under the brands:

Meta Appetite ControlMeta Appetite Suppression

Fiber supplements based on Metamucil are produced not only by Procter & Gamble, but also by other international and regional manufacturers of OTC appetite suppressants.

If Duromine is contraindicated in you or is not approved for obesity treatment in your country, find out from your doctor what fiber supplements you can use to lose weight.

If you decide to use Metamucil-containing weight loss supplements instead of Duromine, in your town, they can be sold under the trade names: Reguloid (by Rugby Labs), Konsyl (by Konsyl Pharma), and Fiber capsules (by Health Mart).

OTC appetite suppressants do not have the same powerful anorexigenic effect as Duromine. However, they are safer than prescription anorectics are and provide sustainable weight loss when used properly.